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Katemodel Consultants is a premier Management Consulting firm of India and abroad. We have over 40,000 man hours of professional experience , and we have consulted over 20,000 companies. We have installed over 126 petrol pumps in India and USA, and over 675 mobile towers. We have tie-ups with good private engineering, medical and MBA colleges to secure admissions. We look into Senior and Middle level hiring and have helped many startups. Our key people have also authored more than 500 books.

The Psychology of Cognitive Behaviour Why we are born to a particular set of parents? So that when we are kid, they take proper care of us. We get their attributes, and we lead our life mostly like as our parents do. The son of a businessman often becomes a businessman, the son of a farmer often becomes a farmer, and son of a government officer always try to become a government officer. Now society puts lot of pressure on us, and molds us in a different way, often leading to unhealthy growth. This inculcates bad habits and sinister ambitions in us, else we are destined to become what our parents were. ** Who is most powerful in society? Most will say Prime Minister of Nation. But most of these people do not do anything to those offending them in Twitter and Media, then how they can oblige all. The most powerful thing in the society is the prevalent system, and if any rebel comes out against system, the system kills him. So most intelligent people keep themselves away from system, and begs from loopholes in system to feed them. But PM in most case is considered as the system, and any large amount of atrocities on poor people is considered as his Karma. So it is like a wall. You will bang your head against the wall, and system will do zero favors to you, and the innocent person in power will get justice from hands of Gods. ** Why do people become rich? You may ask that most kids had almost same IQ as 4 year, and still some becomes billionaire and another guy does 9 to 5 jobs till 55 age. This is because of cycle. Some kids fight adverse system in such a way that they are negatively oriented. 99 out 100 such kids remain loser through-out the life, but one great kid sees a big loophole in the system, and unleashes all his negativity to become super-rich. So never unleash a system on anyone, because it that person turns out to be lucky one, you will loose your everything for millions of year, but creators of such system keep on thinking -he is amongst 99, he is amongst 99. ** Mom just asked me to explain -who makes us rich or poor? Is it pure luck to be rich? Yes it is pure luck to be rich. God Lakshmi makes us rich, and Kali Danav makes us poor. As Lakshmi is symbol of absolute prosperity, Kali Danav is symbol of absolute poverty. Kali Danav once recieved curse from Lord Brahma -whosoever you will be after, he would lose his every material thing. So to become rich, you have to engage in bitter fight with the mechanism of Kali Danav, which requires both brain and skills, and being in divine form Lakshmi can only guide you with short-cut methods to surpass him. ** Do you know -who invented cigarette? It was Prophet Mohammad who invented cigarette. He was very unsuccessful in his earlier part of life, and had to go through extreme hardship. He went to every authority possible to seek help but nobody helped him. So he started asking help from God himself. An angel appeared in front of him and told him - Even God does not give anything for free, you have to do his work. What should i do? PM asked. The angel told him - Orient people towards God, and slowly all problems in your life would be solved. So PM started writing and preaching and slowly tensions in his life became less. He rolled tobacco in leaf and smoked, because there were many negative things which Gods told him, and he became scared with such brutal conspiracies of Gods. But in end he established Islam, and those who adopted his new system remained protected. ** Man react to a particular circumstance due to conditioned reflex. People should not create problems at first place, and if created it should be solved at earliest. Lingering on problems unleashes such chemicals inside our brain, that if we fall in problem next time, we would come out with bloodier nose. I personally have only God created problems, and my solutions are always prayers. But i have learned the hard way that if you remain in one problem for long time, you would not notice many other problems approaching you with deadly sting. I lost many times in my life because i lingered on problems. The moment i solved one complex problem, i noticed that other problems had been solved partially with divine intervention. ** Now there is a general question -which many people asked me? Do problems in our life make us tough and more successful? The answer is exact opposite. Problems in our life make us soft and less successful. At Katemodel Consultants we had analyzed many startups from beginning. Those startups which are marred with problems follow with law of diminishing marginal returns. But those startups which make some monies in first year grow and grow. This is with personality traits as well. Successful people are coward -they run away from problems. But unsuccessful people nose-dive into problems. My venture www.tutorsinindia.com which i have put up for sale got good response, and i could not manage that many response, having small team. But those ventures i managed well with small team, made money in snap. ** Now going to Pavlov's hypothesis let us classify Males and Females. There are three types of Males - Musk, Rich Goat and Struggler. There are three types of females -Princess, Housewife and Bitch. A Musk is a male who always keeps you attracted, he may or may not be rich. Rich Goat are those fellas who had made some monies and his life ends by people walking away with his money. A struggler is one, who struggles until death. Princess are those girls who always keep you floored. Housewife -which is 95% of global population know to cook, and wash utensils. The rarity 1% Bitch, however ugly might they be allure you with sex, but never give you. So Musk guys smell like https://amzn.to/3bDFKQs Buy this powder and feel these guys. Bitches hate Musk by birth and even strugglers hate them, so they have to breed their own rich goat. ** My grandfather Akash, Dyaus or Lord Sky just told me one small mantra for success. If you have small idea to succeed just do it. Even if you fail you would get better platform next time. ** In 2014 When I was partner in a travel startup, i had credit card details of many VIPs in India. I thought many times stealing money from their account and on republic day of 2014, i had installed a server as well, but Lord Shiva told me "Ghor Kasht" "Ghor Kasht". You are back from jail, and still you are thinking of stealing money. So i left that company and uninstalled that server. It was a conditioned reflex. People with scarcity are compelled to commit crime, but the sufferings later condition them to play fair. ** Now let us analyze some human reflexes. A man needs food. To buy food he needs money. For money he does job or business. Work brings unnecessary strain and changes in human immune system. In ancient times there were less disease because people did not work, now most of diseases are due to work habits and lifestyle. A small effort from us to reduce work related stress is Franchise of Katemodel Consultants and freelance realtor. Get free training at http://www.shivarealty.co.in/manual.pdf You can work from home and enjoy your life. 83% of disease nowadays are due to strain we live in to feed ourselves. ** END of Book **